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5-Piece Dog & Cat Birthday Party Set | Perfect for Kitty and Puppy Photos

5-Piece Dog & Cat Birthday Party Set | Perfect for Kitty and Puppy Photos

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Make Your Pet's Special Day Memorable with Our 5-Piece Birthday Party Set!

Celebrate your beloved furry friend's big day in style with our delightful 5-piece birthday party ensemble. This set is not only a fantastic way to commemorate your furry friend's special moments but also a way to ensure their comfort and style.

Key Features:

  1. Celebratory Bandana: The 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' bandana is adorned with cheerful patterns and vibrant colors, setting the perfect mood for a celebration.

  2. Adjustable Birthday Hat: Our set includes an adjustable hat with reusable number stickers, allowing you to personalize your pet's age. The hat is further embellished with charming plush balls for added flair.

  3. Glamorous Bowtie-Style Collar: Your pet will look dashing in the bowtie-style collar, finished with sparkling sequins for a touch of elegance.

  4. Golden 'BIRTHDAY' Cake Topper Stick: The golden 'BIRTHDAY' cake topper stick adds a touch of festivity to your pet's special treat.

  5. Bonus Number Stickers: You'll receive 10 bonus number stickers to ensure your pet's age is accurately represented.

Our sizes are tailored to fit small and medium-sized pets, ensuring a comfortable and stylish fit. Make your pet's birthday picture-perfect with this enchanting set and capture memories that will last a lifetime!



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